A woman who got married to seven husbands has revealed how she manages all of them and also satisfies their needs.

In a documentary published by Youtube content platform, Afrimax, the African woman with seven husbands also disclosed how she satisfies them sexually.

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According to the woman, she is a powerful spiritualist and none of her husbands would dare cheat or think of leaving her. She proudly revealed that she has built a house for all her husbands, hence why she’s able to discharge her sexual duties with them separately in their rooms. 

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The polyandrous traditional healer who is reportedly living in peace with her husbands, does not cut her hair as was the case with her predecessors saying, like the Biblical Samson, her powers emanated from the hair. 

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The video is trending at a time when there is an online debate on if women should be allowed to marry more than one husband. 

Watch the video below..



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