Woman hurls glass bottle, yells slur at Black woman jogging in NYC  (Video)

A video of a woman hurling a glass bottle at a Black woman while the latter is jogging in Queens, New York, has recently surfaced online, prompting a police investigation.


In the video, the unidentified woman throws a glass bottle at Tiffany Johnson, 37, while Johnson is jogging and minding her own business. The victim looks confused as she tries to jump out of the way.

The unidentified woman can also be heard shrieking, “Go back to Africa, n****r.” Johnson did not initially report the incident, which occurred on August 17, to the authorities. However, bystanders captured the incident on camera, and after they recently released the footage, Johnson spoke about what happened via her own social media account.


“I was attacked by a racist with a glass bottle. Racism is truly real and alive even in a diverse area like Astoria/Woodside Queens, NY. The [hatred] is real.  My freedom, my time, my humanity matters, my body matters. I hope this helps to raise awareness to a real issue. #runningwhileblack or literally doing ANYTHING while black,” Johnson wrote in a post on her Facebook page describing the attack.

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“This incident happened to me while I was jogging in 98 degree weather minding my business. I had no idea somebody was filming this, it literally surfaced 1 month later and is now viral on the internet,” Johnson added.

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According to the New York Daily News, the New York Police Department (NYPD) Hate Crimes Task Force is currently investigating the incident.

The suspect in the video is a light-skinned woman in her 40s, who is about 5-foot-5, 160 pounds and appears to have a foreign accent. She also has blue eyes and blonde hair, according to the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force.


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