Edo State Deputy Governor, Mr Philip Shaibu, has declared his candidacy for the 2024 governorship election, emphasizing the necessity of practical governance to address the state’s challenges.

Speaking at a media parley with the Edo State Journalists Forum in Abuja, Shaibu highlighted his experience, capacity, and knowledge from other contenders, emphasizing the importance of competence and experience in governance.

The deputy governor also criticized the trend of learning on the job, pledging not to follow suit. Shaibu, who is well-versed in Edo State’s debt profile, expressed confidence in securing funding for essential projects without the need for on-the-job learning.

“Those who know me know that I am not a friend to bankers. I have sunk boreholes, renovated many schools with private monies as Deputy Governor. I have built churches and mosques. I am not an advocate of keeping money in the banks. I have a conscience, I am a Catholic.”

“With the 2024 Edo Governorship Election fast approaching, the state could not afford to experiment again with someone who does not understand the politics of the state or the needs of the people.

“Edo people need practical governance and you cannot experiment again with somebody that does not understand the politics of a good state and the needs of the people.”

He also dismissed the notion of personal ambition, stating, “The ambition of becoming Deputy Governor was not mine, but I made myself available. The ambition to be Governor is still not mine, but I am only making myself available.”

Regarding power rotation, Shaibu clarified, “There was not and had never been any convention in the state, either through political or traditional conferences where such position was zoned.

“Whoever talks about equity, must come with clean hands.

“Whereas other senatorial districts have had more than one turn in the governorship position in the state, Edo North had only one turn.

“We have had four governors from South, two from Central and only one from North.

“Just like my ambition to be the deputy governor was not mine, but I made myself available, so also the ambition to be governor is still not mine. I’m only making myself available.”


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