Moments ago, Nigerian Public Affairs Analyst, Ziggy Ibeh spoke on why he was disappointed with Peter Obi’s performance at Chatham House. While speaking on TVC News, he said that Peter Obi reading from a prepared speech shows that the content of the speech wasn’t from him and it also shows how unprepared he was.

He claimed that Peter Obi couldn’t give a clear answer to questions thrown at him because the contents in his speech wasn’t generated by him.

He said;

“The first turnoff to me was that he went there with a prepared speech which is totally off from what any leader who is prepared to rule a country would do….

“For him to have read from a prepared speech means that the thought came from someone… “I wasn’t there when they wrote it but if a speech was prepared for someone to read, those wouldn’t make your total thoughts. He also couldn’t balance the questions thrown at him, he was wavering at a point.”

He also claimed that Tinubu didn’t read from a script but spoke from his heart at Chatham House.

“When you come prepared, not a written script, questions would generate from what you give as a speech. Bola Tinubu went to Chatham House without a written script, he went and pour out what came from his heart.”


One thought on “Why I was disappointed with Peter Obi’s performance at Chatham House -Ziggy Ibeh”
  1. Please, I totally disagree with your views over the statements that Peter Obi read through as a prepared statements from the paper is a disappointment. Even yourself condemning Peter Obi’s actions may do the same thing. Peter Obi is intelligent, and possessed leadership qualities enough to tackle any questions correctly and explicitly. What he did on that faithful day was to write down the questions that were asked, so that, he will respond positively and in the best even to yourself the critics. Why should you compare the person who distributed the questions asked to various people to answer for him as did by Bola Ahmed Tinubu to the one that jotted the questions down to be answered directly by him as did by Peter Obi? My question to you is that, who’s more responsive or owns up to the responsibilities? Certain criticism are unjustifiable as in this your assessment. The ovations and or acceptance received overtly has no comparism! The best to to none.

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