For some time now, Edo State Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu has been in the news for his constant vitriolic on his benefactor and former Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole. Philip Shaibu was captured on camera using derogatory words about the former NLC leader during some public functions.

He always referred to Oshiomhole as THIS MAN…and went on to claim that Oshiomhole was a 76-year-old man who should not be kneeling down begging; even though Comrade Oshomole has never lowered his status and has just clocked 70 years.

Philip Shaibu also declared on the “microphone” that Oshiomhole had betrayed him because he was the one who brought him into politics, kept him there and that he had even spilt his blood for Oshomole.

Well, an advanced retired civil servant who prefers to remain anonymous has come out to throw light on Adams Oshiomhole’s relationship with his “prodigal son,” Philip Shaibu.

He countered Shaibu’s claim to Oshomole “is my father”, and made the following revelations:

“Adams Oshiomhole is not Philip Shaibu’s father; we know the children Adams Oshiomhole has, and Philip Shaibu is not one of them; even if he claims to be a prodigal son of Comrade, Adams cannot raise such a mischievous child.

“Adams Oshiomhole met Philip Shaibu when he was a student at the University of Jos, and he was always running to him for help and support, so Adams practically trained him through the university. He was always looking for favors from Adams, and he got everything he desired. Philip’s father worked as a driver for the Ministry of Works.

“When Philip Shaibu decided to enter politics and run for a House of Assembly seat, he ran on the PDP platform and lost the ticket. He then ran on the ANPP platform and won the ticket, but he was soundly defeated at the general polls.

“In his second attempt, there are allegations that he may have played a role in Lucky James’ misfortune, who was attacked by thugs and uniformed men. Lucky James nearly died and spent two weeks in the hospital. There has been no conclusion to the investigations that led to Lucky James’ heinous attack.

“It may interest you to know that Philip Shaibu failed to secure a House of Assembly ticket in two consecutive elections, one on the ANPP ticket and the other on the PDP ticket.

“Adams Oshiomhole’s entry into the race in 2007 was the turning point in his electoral fortunes. People in Jattu decided Philip was disrespectful and arrogant and would not support him; instead, he ran to Oshiomhole’s mother, who now reached out to Adams to intervene.

“In this way, Oshiomhole went to Jattu to meet with the party leaders, his request was granted, and Philip Shaibu was elected to the House of Assembly. This is also how he manipulated the election process to win reelection. He once more received assistance from Adams Oshiomhole to win the House of Representatives seat.

“We were all present when, against the wishes of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole insisted on Philip Shaibu becoming Godwin Obaseki’s deputy, so we’re curious how Philip Shaibu knew or had a relationship with Obaseki to the extent that he claims he and Obaseki raised the first N300 million for Oshiomhole’s first election.

“Philip’s continued claim that he brought Adams Oshiomhole into politics is an insult that we will not accept from him.

“Let’s now examine the origins of Philip Shaibu’s current dispute with Adams Oshiomhole. As you may recall, during the first budget year of Godwin Obaseki, Philip Shaibu refused to accompany Obaseki to the State House of Assembly to present the state budget.

“At the time, Philip Shaibu complained that Obaseki had removed most of the “apparatus” that was under his purview, such as youth activities etc, and that he did not have a bulletproof car or a Hilux, and that his wife did not have a car either.

“So he saw no need to accompany Obaseki to the State House of Assembly; it was Adams Oshiomhole, we learned, who persuaded him not to do so because it would portray him as someone who is after state resources rather than serving the people.

“Even former Deputy Governor Pius Odubu intervened, pleading with Philip to accompany Obaseki to present the budget in 2017. We even heard that he did not accompany Obaseki to the Assembly, but instead went to the complex on his own.

“Shortly after this, Philip Shaibu stopped complaining and stated that Obaseki was now attending to him, buying him cars and other items, and there was no need for him to have frictions with the Governor; the next thing he did was to start an imaginary battle with Adams Oshiomhole, all with the aim of convincing Obaseki to support his governorship ambition.

“If you look closely, you will notice that Obaseki has stopped flexing his muscles at Oshiomhole or throwing words at him, but Philip has maintained the tempo in order to create this fictitious battle so that he can profit from it.

“He should stop insulting Oshiomhole everywhere he goes; extinguishing someone else’s candle will not make his shine brighter. And, as I previously stated, Oshiomhole is not Philip Shaibu’s father; if he fails to recognize how Oshiomhole shaped him into the man he is today, we will leave that to history to decide.”

Those were the allegations made when this Uzuairue elder decided to spill the beans on the Deputy Governor’s frosty relationship with his benefactor, Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole.

The assertions made by Philip Shaibu that he introduced Adams Oshiomhole to politics are at odds with the Deputy Governor’s timeline of events vis a vis how Oshiomhole became the Governor of Edo State.

It is clear that Oshiomhole introduced Obaseki to the political scene in Edo State, which calls Philip Shaibu’s claim that he and Obaseki raised Oshiomhole’s first N300 million into question.

Is it justifiable for the Deputy Governor to use such derogatory language about Adams Oshiomhole, a former governor and political leader in Edo State who Shaibu still claims to be his father?

Courtesy: Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah, Chairman/CEO, Bush Radio Academy.


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