Flood from River Niger has overflowed into Lokoja-Abuja road, submerging houses, farmlands and causing many to flee for safety.

The flood also caused traffic jams on the route with long delays for travellers.

Nigerians, especially those affected by the flood, have called on the governments to find solution to the menace before more damage occurs. 

Reacting to the issue, Engr Jimoh Kajogbola, the federal controller of works in Kogi State gave a warning statement for motorists and travellers to opt for alternative routes.

He said, “Due to the flooding in the country, River Niger has overflowed the Lokoja-Abuja dual carriageway at Koton-Karfe and rendered it dangerous to road users.

“Abuja-bound motorists from the South-West are advised to pass through the Ilorin-Mokwa-Bida road, while motorists from the East and South-South are advised to pass through Makurdi-Lafia road.”

He also urged that alternative routes should be followed for motorists plying the South-South, South-East and South-West bound motorists from the Northern parts of the country.

He said that the Abuja-Lafia-Makurdi-Otukpa road or Abuja-Bida-Mokwa-Jebba road should be considered for now until the water subsides at Koton-Karfe.


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