Bolsonaro, who recovered from coronavirus in July last year, reportedly insisted he’s got “more antibodies than those vaccinated“.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been deprived of the opportunity to watch a football match between Santos and Gremio on Sunday because the football club did not allow unvaccinated fans into the stadium, local Metrópoles reported.

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“Why a [COVID-19] vaccine passport? I just wanted to watch [the Santos game] and he said I [have to be] vaccinated. Why is that?”, Bolsonaro complained, according to the footage posted by the newspaper.

“I have more antibodies than those who [took the vaccine]”, he added.

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Ironically, Bolsonaro was recently forced to eat pizza on a sidewalk after he was not allowed to dine inside at a NYC restaurant, in accordance with state anti-coronavirus measures. The Brazilian leader traveled to New York to participate in the annual UN General Assembly last month.

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Bolsonaro is probably the most popular anti-vaxxer worldwide, publicly expressing skepticism over the existing vaccines’ efficacy. However, he told the UNGA summit in September that his administration was not against jabs, but rather they do not approve of vaccine “passes“ and anything obligatory regarding vaccinations.


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