▪︎In a shocking incident, five men allegedly raped and later killed a goat in Pakistan’s Okara. According to reports, the five accused took a labourer’s goat to a nearby compound and raped the animal, tortured it, before finally killing it.

Police in Pakistan’s Okara have booked five men for the sexual assault and killing of a goat further intensifying the ongoing outrage over recent incidents of sexual violence in the country.

Reports have also said that locals saw the suspects fleeing after committing the heinous crime that has triggered further outrage in Pakistan.

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The sexual assault of the goat has led some on social media to ask Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan if goats also need to be modest with their appearance.

Mathira, a Pakistani actor, shared the news of the goat’s rape on Instagram and asked whether the animal also needed to “wear an abaya”.

Another Twitter user wrote, “Do naked animals have impact on men too? Now handsome PM will ask goats to cover themselves because some innocent men got aroused seeing them around as they are not robots.”

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In an interview with HBO last month, Imran Khan had said, “If a woman is wearing very few clothes, it will have an impact on men unless they are robots. I mean it’s common sense. If you have a society where people haven’t seen that sort of thing it will have an impact on them.”

The comments triggered massive criticism against Imran Khan at a time when Pakistan is reeling in the aftermath of multiple cases of rape and murder, including that of Noor Mukadum, who was tortured and beheaded at a house in Islamabad.

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The rape and murder of six-year-old Zainab Ansari in Kasur in 2018 and the Lahore motorway gang rape of a woman in front of her children in 2020 caused a similar outpouring of public anger, grief and outrage.

Pakistan has ranked 153rd out of 156 countries for gender parity in the Global Gender Gap report by the World Economic Forum and seventh out of the eight countries in the south Asian region.


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