Another woman was also arrested in Ohio last week for an April Fools’ text falsely claiming there was an active shooter at her work

A Kansas woman was arrested last week after she called her daughter to say she’d been shot in what was supposed to be an April Fools’ joke.

“Multiple police units, probably between 15-20 officers from the Wichita Police Department as well as fire department and EMS responded to the scene,” Wichita police Lt. Ronald Hunt said after the daughter called 911 to report the “shooting” — unaware it was a gag.

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When authorities arrived and surrounded the Wichita home, they also blocked off the nearby streets. Officers with guns drawn then broke down the door when no one responded, Hunt said.

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The woman, identified as Arnthia Willis, 58, was at work at the time. She was arrested Thursday on suspicion of unlawful request for emergency service assistance, police said.

“April Fools’ can be a good, funny little joke in some circumstances” but when it leads to a police response “it’s not funny anymore,” Hunt said.

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Another woman was arrested in Ohio last week when she texted her daughter as an April Fools’ joke that an active shooter was at the plant where she worked.


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