Dr. Raven Baxter, a molecular biologist, faced racial discrimination while trying to purchase a $749,000 condo in Virginia Beach. The property, initially accepted by the seller, Jane Walker, 84, was pulled back after Walker discovered Baxter’s race.

Baxter, 30, had virtually toured the condo, falling in love with its private foyer, exquisite crown molding, and marble fireplace. She offered the asking price and entered escrow after her down payment. However, a late-night call from her broker shattered her excitement. “She doesn’t want to sell the home to you, and it’s because you’re black,” her broker relayed.

Earlier, Baxter and her boyfriend, Dr. Ronald Gamble Jr., a NASA theoretical physicist, had visited the condo in person for the first time. During this visit, they briefly met Walker, who later instructed her agent to terminate the sale.

Devastated, Baxter shared her story on social media, receiving overwhelming support. Prompted by followers, she filed a discrimination claim with the Virginia Fair Housing Office and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, also contacting a civil rights lawyer.

Her post, which concluded with a defiant “Baby, I’m either buying your house or buying YOUR BLOCK. CHOOSE ONE,” caught national attention. The following day, her agent informed her that Walker’s children had persuaded their mother to proceed with the sale.

Baxter’s story, highlighting ongoing racial discrimination in housing, prompted a response from Berkshire Hathaway RW Towne Realty. CEO Barbara Wolcott assured Baxter that such attitudes are intolerable within their organization, though specific actions against the seller remain unclear.

Dr. Baxter is expected to complete her purchase later this summer, standing resilient against the prejudice she faced.


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