…a skill is 10 times worth more than a degree


• If you want to become your boss, do this and you’ll make your monthly salary in 24 hours:

1. Learn a high-income skill

Set 2 hours a day

No distraction

Build on a specific knowledge you can leverage

Here’s how;

• Choose a skill

• Select 10-20 YouTube channel teaching the skill

• Binge watch it for 100 days

Master the basics then build up on the knowledge

I recommend these 4 skills.

Pick one skill and develop it for 3 months;

• Sales

• Coding

• Copywriting

• Forex trading

Fact: A skill is 10 times more valuable than a degree.

2. Create your network

Grow your circle

Pick 3 friends and hop into self-improvement.

Let your conversations revolve around:

• Money

• Success

• Business

Note: Be a reliable team player.

3. Create multiple streams of income

Fact: You can’t outwork what money can do for you.

Do this;

• Open 15+ businesses

• Own assets

• Act broke

Don’t save your money, it’s a scam

Let money work for you by investing all your cash

4. Spend at least 100 minutes of your day reading

88% of financially free people are obsessed with learning.

Financial education is self-taught

Start by reading these books;

• Human nature

• Atomic Habits

• Think and grow rich

5. Wake up at 4:00 or 5:00 am

People dread waking up early.

But this saves you 3 hours before your day starts.

Cultivate successful people habits.

• Make your bed

• Take a glass of water

• Work out/Walk

• Read 50+ pages

Success is hidden in your daily routine.

6. Grow a brand online

Here’s how:

• Choose a platform ( X/ Youtube or Quora)

• Grow your audience

• Share your story

• Monetize

Tip: Hire a mentor to accelerate your learning process.

Leverage the internet to make money.

Now, with the online business;

• Sell a book/guide

• Create an online course

• Have a monetized blog

• Offer mentorship program

Having one stream of income is committing financial suicide

7. Invest in yourself

How you treat yourself is how people will treat you.

Do this

• Smell nice

• Eat healthy

• Hit the gym

• Dress fitting clothes

• Improve your social skills

Prioritize your self-growth.


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