The First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu, has cautioned Nigerian women against indecent dressing, stating that it contradicts Nigerian cultural values.

She made this known in a recent interview on Arise News, where she advised ladies to throw away nudity and embrace a more modest approach to fashion.

The First Lady also stated that many young women in Nigeria are striving to embrace Westernized fashion norms, emphasising that nudity does not align with Nigerian cultural values.

However, she observed that men are better dressed, highlighting the need for more effort to encourage women to follow suit.

Her words: “The message here is that we have to savage our children; we see the way they dress; they keep forgetting that Nigeria is where we are beautiful; at the moment, you can see what they showcase on the screen; we are fashionable, we see what is going on.

“We are not having a Met gala, and everyone’s nakedness is just everywhere, and the men are well clothed, so we have to do something; tell them the way it is; we don’t accept nakedness in our culture; that is not beautiful; it’s not beautiful at all; and they are all beautiful girls, and they should be confident to know they are.”


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