The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has announced the discovery of a dangerous drug concoction named “combine.”

This mix comprises strains of cannabis, including colos and loud, soaked in raw gin along with opioids.

The agency’s Director of Media and Advocacy,
Femi Babafemi shared the information via his X account on Sunday, along with a video showing the intercepted contraband.

The NDLEA cautioned the public about the severe health hazards associated with consuming the “combine” mixture.


Sharing the video, Babafemi wrote, “Narco-trend update: Here is NPS called ‘Combine’, a mixture of strains of Cana: Colos, Loud and opioids soaked in raw gin, just discovered by #ndlea_nigeria. There’s no shorter route to death than this cos it’s a direct hit on your organs. The look alone tells of danger. Beware. “


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