One of the most difficult and yet unavoidable situations in life comes when you get nature’s call but you can’t receive it. The room is busy, you are in a meeting or in a bus or anyplace where you just can’t relieve yourself, here is a quick guide on how you can tackle this emergency.

1. You always need water, but if possible, don’t even think of water.

2. If you are alone, try stretching your legs. This will feel difficult for a few seconds, but you would feel relaxed soon.

3. Don’t change your positions frequently. If you are sitting, remain in that position for as long as you can.

4. Scratch the lower half of your calf.

5. If you are standing, cross your legs; if sitting, don’t. The science? While standing, crossing legs would compress the bladder while crossing your legs while sitting would put pressure on your bladder.

6. Increase the temperature of your surroundings. Either take a warm blanket to cover yourself or switch off the AC.

7. Avoid laughing. Yes, it would help if you stay away from the one friend who always makes you laugh.


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