Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez will be one of the 16 personalities to be black listed by media outlet Telecinso. Thirteen celebrities were previously blacklisted by the outlet.

Alessandro Salem, the new CEO of Mediaset, has decided to include three more names on the list (as reported by La Razon). The 16-people list includes names like Antonio David Flores, Gloria Camila, Barbara Rey, and more.

Carmen Lomana and Bigote Arrocet have also been added to the blacklist alongside Georgina Rodriguez.Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner has garnered the attention of fans on social media in recent times due to the release of her Netflix series, ‘I am Georgina’.
Georgina Rodriguez’s ex-colleague recently debunked the myth surrounding her meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo
The consensus myth was that Cristiano Ronaldo met Georgina Rodriguez while visiting a Gucci store in Madrid. The Portuguese used to play for Real Madrid back at that point in time.

Rodriguez’s former colleague, Pablo Bone, however, debunked that notion. He recently said (via Minuto El Cancha):
“I was working with Georgina Rodríguez at Gucci, about two months before she became a celebrity. We met several times working in the store, she was in the women’s section and I was in the men’s section.”

He added:
“I had already seen Cristiano several times in the store before they met and the truth is that there are many intrigues that were discussed, Georgina has told it, when Cristiano met, she entered the Gucci store with some friends and her son and she just walked out the door, but that was not the case.”
Bone further said:
“When Cristiano entered the Gucci store, we all turned to look at him because he is a super tall guy and only those in charge of the store serve those types of customers. They didn’t speak, but after a few weeks they saw each other at a party where they got to know each other a little better.”

The pair have been in a happy relationship since 2017. They currently reside in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh after Ronaldo’s move to Al-Nassr.


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