Just as PM NEWS predicted, South African-born Khosi has won the first edition of the BBTitans reality show.

Khosi beat five other finalists to clinch the highly coveted prize at the live eviction show which held on Sunday, 2 April. The five other finalists were Ipeleng, Ebubu, Yvonne, Tsatsii and Kanaga Jnr.

The first runner up is Kanaga Jnr, while the second runner up is Tsastii. It was a very emotional live eviction show as Big Brother went out of its way to celebrate each of the finalists as it extolled their unique qualities.

Ipeleng, who won the Supreme Veto Power game and earned automatic qualification for the grand finale was the first to be evicted at the live eviction show. Ipeleng described her experience in the house as beautiful but crazy.

Ebubu was the next finalist to be evicted. Nigerian-born Ebubu also got automatic qualification for the grand finale, when Ipeleng picked him to go with her to the finale the following week. Ebubu said being in the house was a new experience for him.

Yvonne was the third finalist to be evicted from the BBTitans reality show. Yvonne who sported a very beautiful red gown said she felt like she won the $100,000 cash prize. “Big brother kinda made me dare myself. And now I’m more confident. … I didn’t expect to bind with people the way I did because outside I was a loner,” she said.

Khosi”s victory is remarkable because after 11 weeks of a season which 24 housemates made up of South Africans and Nigerians started, she finally emerged the winner.

Khosi indeed showed great strength and courage throughout the show because she had the highest number of nominations for eviction. That indeed goes a long way to show how strong she was and how her fellow housemates saw her as a threat.

Khosi’s emergence as the winner of the BBTitans reality show is not coming as a surprise. Right from the outset, she came into the house with a strategy which she perfected. Not only did she show so much class and panache, she carried herself with dignity.

Khosi earned the epithet Khosi the ‘Khotent’ because of the content, drama and vibes she brought to the show. There was never any dull moment with Khosi. Fans of the reality show will never forget the drama that she acted in her rollercoaster relationship with Yemi Cregx, whom she forced to sacrifice curvaceous Blue Aiva to keep the relationship intact.

Fans will never forget easily how Khosi was able to maintain her relationship with Yemi while still flirting with Thabang and maintaining a cordial relationship with her partner Miracle OP, saw Yemi as a rival.

Fans will indeed never forget the content that Khosi indeed was and the vibes she brought to the show.


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