These individuals are teachers, supporters, achievers and action takers

Janine Garner, an Australian keynote speaker, leadership expert and best-selling author has revealed the four types of people you should have in your inner circle to achieve success. 

Janine Garner spent 20 years putting together award-winning marketing campaigns and strategies for high-profile brands.

She says it was during this time as a senior leader that she learned ‘what it takes to unlock the brilliance in teams and leaders’ and has since worked with thousands of leaders from around the world on personal success, networking and collaboration.

In her new book titled ‘Be Brilliant: How to lead a life of influence’, Ms Garner, says you should have ‘teachers’, ‘supporters’, ‘achievers’ and ‘action takers’ around you to achieve success.

These people will provide inspiration, determination and advice as you climb the career ladder and strive to reach personal goals.  

‘Take control because strategically aligning yourself with the right people will fast track your goals and ambitions and influence the person you eventually become,’ she said.

1. ‘Promoters’ and achievers 

She said ‘promoters’ will encourage you to accomplish goals beyond expectations and will reach out to ‘promote’ your self-worth. 

These individuals, whether they’re friends or co-workers, will also ‘always see more in you than you see in yourself’. 

‘Promoters pull you towards your future dreams, make noise about potential possibilities, spend time with you to explore how you’re going to achieve your goals and inspire you to become more,’ Ms Garner said.

‘They’re with you by your side through thick or thin, never giving up on you, always dreaming big with you.’

2. A ‘pit-crew’ of supporters

As climbing the career ladder can be a difficult and often lonely process, Ms Garner said having the right ‘pit-crew’ of people to support you will make this process easier.

‘We all experience days of frustration and disappointment, days when we have to face our fears, make tough decisions or calls, push past failures and stay focused on opportunities that lie outside our comfort zone,’ she said.

‘Having the right crew to help you overcome these difficulties, keeping you mentally tough and balanced, is crucial.’

3. Teachers

The best-selling author said successful people understand that learning is essential to growth, which is why high achievers often have an ‘insatiable desire and commitment’ to learning in multiple ways.

She recommends learning from these teachers and master how they acquire new knowledge.

‘The right teachers teach you mastery, guide and stretch your thinking, challenge your ideas, and encourage you to push further because they know that this constant curiosity creates real opportunity for growth, achievement and success,’ Ms Garner said.

Learning new tactics or gaining further knowledge can help you excel in your industry.

4. Action takers

The final group of people are action takers as these individuals will help you accelerate through your career journey and push you to do more.

Ms Garner said they will hold you accountable for all your bad decisions and will act as a mentor when tough choices need to be made.

‘They accelerate action, they mentor you through your decision making and they call you out about poor choices,’ she said.

By holding you accountable will ensure you stay on track to reaching your goals. 


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