A viral video of the pastor (Bakare) seducing the woman shows him in a near nude state in front of the woman described as a wife of a member of the RCCG, Akure Branch, Ondo State.

The woman, in the video, accused Bakare of wanting to sleep with her, as the cleric begs for mercy and her family members filmed the event.

The video angered many Nigerians who voiced their worries over how clerics are abusing members of their congregations and desecrating their vows to God.

Reacting, the RCCG spokesperson Olaitan Olubiyi in a statement released on Wednesday said Bakare has been suspended for attempted adultery and for portraying the church in a bad light.

The Church said in a statement that “it dissociates itself from such immoral act of Mr Bakare” and described his behaviour as “being completely contrary to the values, doctrines, beliefs and practices of the RCCG and the word of God”.

Bakare was a part time Assistant Pastor in the church and a civil servant in the state.


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