A group, the Centre for Human Rights and Anti-corruption Crusade, CHURAC, on Monday blamed the growing moral decadence in the society for the rising cases of rape in the country.

CHURAC’s National President, Cleric E. Alaowei, made the assertion in a chat with Our Correspondent in Warri.

He said, “Parents are the chief cause of it. Some parents by act or omission encourage their female children to dress half naked in the name of civilisation.

“Some Christian organizations are not helping matters. The dressing pattern of children of these days contributed to the incessant cases of rape.”

Alaowei said, “Some are sheered wickedness like the case associated with the Bishop if he is culpable with the allegation.

“The solution to me is for us to entrench moral sanctity in our body polity. I am also in support of imposing capital offence for the offenders of rape.”

The Cleric who was reacting to the alleged rape of a nineteen-year-old girl by a cleric in Warri, Delta State said, “To successfully prove allegation of rape is not a free ride. What is being alleged against the man of God is a mere allegation as far as the law is concerned.

“Until he is being convicted by the court, I will not say much about the case.”

He pointed out that, “The punishment for the offence of rape is life imprisonment, while indecent assault is 14 years imprisonment. Not all cases of rape are rape in itself. Some are indecent assault.”


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