The Italian government will begin lifting coronavirus limits on Monday, but tourists will face stringent rules in hotels, restaurants and on beaches. Very strict COVID-19 lockdown measures have been in place in Italy since early March. The government has established general guidelines for reopening for the entire country, while each region may adopt its own changes depending on the particular situation. The national government may decide to close certain areas again at any time should there be a spike in new coronavirus infections.

The first death from the coronavirus in Italy occurred February 21. Since then, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics, more than 31,700 people have died in the country from the virus, third highest among the world’s nations.

Italians can now be seen again walking the streets of their cities, wearing protective masks and gloves, and beginning Monday, all shops can reopen to the public, with new rules. Social distancing of at least one meter must continue to be maintained, and only a designated number of people at a time will be able to enter stores.

Italians will be able to return to bars, restaurants and beauty salons. Social distancing rules apply, and waiters and owners will have to wear face masks at all times.

Italians can travel within their regions starting Monday, and from region to region and abroad beginning June 3. Tourists can return starting June 3, as well.

Additionally, church services will resume, though only a certain number will be allowed to attend. Churches will be completely sanitized at the end of every day, one parish priest reported.

Schools, universities, cinemas and theaters will remain closed for the time being.