A twenty -two year old girl simply identified as Eguono, at about 10pm on Sunday night ran out stack naked from a hotel as her boyfriend gave her a hot sex with suspected sexual enhancement drugs in Okwu-Idjerhe in Okpe Local Government Area of Delta State.

Real-Time24 learnt that the young girl ran into a drinking spot (bush bar) after two hot round with her boyfriend crying profusely for help.

Surprisingly, the said boyfriend simply identified as Emmanuel, chased her with his manhood fully erected to the drinking spot demanding for two more rounds of sex to make it four.

While there, the owner of the drinking spot and his customers quickly called in Soldiers on guard duty at the road to the rescue of the girl.

The soldiers who responded promptly allegedly flogged the lover boy until his manhood became very humbled.

The soldiers later dragged the boy out of the scene just as the sympathisers gave the girl with a very big buttocks and pointed breasts wrapper and slipper to tie and wear.

Our Correspondent who monitored the incident reports that the girl had been in relationship with the lover boy for the past three years.