By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq.

Something is not right, and it’s obvious that government is concerned about the rising cases of corona virus pandemic in the State.

The virus positive cases in Delta moved up to six on Wednesday with one death, while five patients are responding to treatment at Isolation centres. Government is also monitoring 140 individuals who had contact with patients.

The virus is spreading like wild fire across the world but there are strong indications that world leaders and governments are working very hard to combat and prevent the spread of the deadly killer virus alleged to have originated from Wuhan City in China.

American Government and other super powers have assembled renowned scientists and researchers to probe into the origin of Covid-19, and produce vaccines for the treatment and cure of the virus. German Government recently sent £130 billion invoice to China, as cost of economic losses incurred as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. Germany accused China of hoarding information about the outbreak of the pandemic in Wuhan.

In Nigeria, the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 Case Management may recommend nationwide lockdown for the approval of Mr President, and if this is approved by President Mohammadu Buhari, we shall be indoors for another 14 days or more. This scenario is not going to be easy on the economic life of the nation and citizens.

The unemployed and those who depend solely on daily income, the aged and market women, commercial drivers and the airlines shall be greatly affected. In the aviation sector, it is almost impossible to retain pilots and crews whenever flight operations are suspended for a period exceeding seven days.

Domestic Airlines in Nigeria, are already groaning under the heavy yoke of huge financial losses which may translate to massive retrenchment of pilots, aircraft engineers and cabin crew members. We are at the verge of economic chaos and possible downsizing in commercial aviation, occasioned by Covid-19 pandemic.

South African Airways has announced her readiness to layoff about 47,000 workers, a near total collapse of the Airline. Other Airlines across the globe shall also layoff large number of employees to further congest the labour market and make life more difficult globally for the aviation industry.

In Delta State, government may review achievements, challenges and strategies on Covid-19 prevention and possibly screwup measures to save lives and arrest the spread of the pandemic.

The State Governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, may address Deltans in yet another state broadcast within the next 24 hours, to point the way forward. It may not be pleasant, but we must partner with government as law abiding citizens so as to keep the state safe and eradicate the virus from our dear state.

Of a truth, we may be heading for unprecedented economic recess and negative low life for citizens across board, as prices of crude oil continue to crash at the international market. Nigeria is more of a mono economy, the nation depends largely on foreign earnings from crude oil export.

Budgets cut cannot be avoided, and imposing taxes on citizens in a fragile economy can be devastating because of the foreseeable acute poverty. We must prepare for these challenges. The nation’s economy may remain fragile for another twelve months or more.

Deltans should prepare for possible change of tactics in the fight against corona virus pandemic. The next couple of days may spring unpleasant surprises and we must align with government genuine efforts to prevent the spread of the virus in Delta state.

Let’s be ready and be prayerful, with God on our side victory over Covid-19 pandemic is sure.

Together, we shall overcome this dangerous virus and its negative socioeconomic consequences.

Stronger Delta, Let’s Build Together.