Ossai Ndudi

Normal vehicular and pedestrian activities on Sunday were recorded in
Oghara and Sapele towns headquarters of Ethiope West and Sapele Local Government Areas despite the 14-day stay-at-home order by the Delta State

Real-Time24 News gathered that the security check points in some of the places were for mere cosmetic purposes with allegation that money exchanged hands to enable free passage


At Oghara, headquarters of Ethiope West Local Government Area it was business as usual as the residents went about their normal activities even on a
Sunday. There was no single security checkpoint or barricade to restrict movement.

Motorcycle and Tricycle riders went about their businesses, while shops selling clothes and other non-essentials items opened for business before 12 noon apparently because there were no church services.

A resident of Oghara adduced the free movements to survival by the people though he admitted that they ought to be more mindful of their health. In Jesse town, movements also went on unhindered.

In Sapele, the situation was the same, despite the security check points in the town with some being manned by vigilantes.